Monday, July 28, 2008


I strolled upon a hillside,
I saw the sky of blue,
This and many more things
Reminded me of you.

Although you're far away
I'll not forget your love,
A gift of which you sent me
Upon a snow white dove.

The day was warm and beautiful,
A gentle day for sure,
The way I felt within my heart
Was all so light and pure.

I lay upon the hillside,
The grass was green and new,
I closed my eyes and saw your face,
And your eyes of blue.

I dreamt we walked along a stream
And watched it trickling by,
We watched the fish swim to and fro
And saw the eagles fly.

With God as our witness,
We pledged our love anew,
We promised each other with our hearts,
Forever to be true.

I then awoke to reality,
The day was almost through,
But I know within my heart
That some dreams do come true.

I strolled back down the hillside,
The moon was shining bright,
I know that when I go to bed
I'll dream of you tonight.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Don't worry about dying,
my little one
It's just like flying
beyond the sun.

A land of love
for my little one,
And God above
to guide everyone.

Now you're gone
my little one
To the land beyond
where love is spun.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I feel the springtime,
Joy of life is in the air,
Open your doors and windows
There’s more than enough to share.

I love to walk in the springtime,
Watching the earth turn green,
Not wanting to miss a single sight
Of what there is to be seen.

Feel the air of springtime,
Thick with morning dew.
Fresh and crisp it settles,
As the dawning comes in view.

Life and love and joy abound,
In the springtime of my world,
Flowers blooming silently
Like glorious flags unfurled.

Did you notice? I didn't till I started editing the pictures. The yellow rose has a little green bug in it and the purple Iris has a snail companion.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


At the break of day
When the moon is in full bloom
Snow lay on the ground
When summer came to soon.
The birds were chirping silently
Their confusion all to clear
Life holds many mysteries
And death is not to dear.
Day is dark and night is cold,
The children lost their way,
Without ears to listen with
Man had nothing to say.
Man was God and God was Man
Isolated worlds in which to stand,
In their minds so twisted
They made boulders of the sand.

"They" say that the eyes are a window to the soul. Eyes are a favorite of my artwork, this one was drawn with charcoal pencil and colored with pastels. c.1970

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Sing me a song of happiness
Make my heart dance in time with the song,
Laugh, rejoice, and be happy,
Sing to me all night long.

Now sing me a song that’s laid back,
Sing me a nice easy song,
Sing of love and gentle things,
Sing to me all night long.

Make love to me with your music,
With our bodies singing the song,
Lost in a world of beauty,
Sing to me all night long.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


Flittering, fluttering, flying on the breeze.
Swishing, swooshing, dancing in the sun.
Unconfined, unrefined, undefined,
Only living for the joys of life.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Looking through my life,
As in a crystal ball,
I'm glad to have felt
As never felt at all.

For having lived I've learned
Greater joys and sorrows,
Without either of these
There would be no more tomorrows.

For all the times that are bad
There are better times to look for,
And all the hurt you've felt
Will fill up with love twice more.

Let your feelings out
Let the world know how you feel,
Be a total person
Be always fully real.

The picture above is a clip from a video taken 11 years ago at the Wichita airport. The little boy on the left is my oldest grandson, we haven't a clue who the little girl is. While waiting for a plane to come in my 3 year old grandson walked over to the little girl looking out at the planes and stood beside her with his arm around her. They stood there for quite some time. So very cute.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


I am no longer here
My shadow is all that remains,
I have held a tear
Of which I fear, no more
Shall I refrain.

The shadow's there--
but cannot speak,
It's musty and cold
And very meek.

But it, too, will die
By and by when the
Sun comes out into the sky.

Monday, November 5, 2007


Often inspiration strikes in the most unlikely places. When this happens you grab the nearest piece of paper you can find to write on. Here are a couple of napkins that survived the years till I was able to scan them...

When the only flower left is a plastic one; Then will man break down and cry for the destruction civilization has caused. But he will continue till he has nothing but himself to destroy, and he will die.

When all is peace and love . . .
. . . the wind will be able to blow freely.
. . . Mother Nature will prosper.
. . . the world will be in the beginning of the end.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Upon a hill stands a tree
My husband planted there,
Representing the child
That I could not bear.

From a tiny seedling
The tree grew strong and tall,
Braving all the seasons
Summer, winter, spring, and fall.

To the hill he'd go each day
To gaze upon that tree,
From one branch he hung a swing
For his child that would not be.

In it's shade he'd sit and dream
For many hours every day,
He'd envision the children we couldn't have
As they might romp and play.

I watched him grow old with the tree
And saw the emptiness in his soul,
It was I who made him that way
His happiness I had stole.

Twas a cool summers eve neath the tree he sat
His thoughts with the children at play,
God saw fit to take my man
To his playground far away.

There neath that tree stands a stone
The epitaph of a childless man,
"This tree is my child, my love and my life,
Eternally it shall stand."

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Running, flowing, never stopping. Starting as a trickle, joining other trickles, becoming a stream. Stream joining other streams pushing its way through rocks, mud, sand, and plants. Becoming a mighty, strong, widening river. Picking up pebbles along its way, tossing them, turning them, playing with them, and then dropping them off further down and forgetting them. Rains fall into it and join as one with it. Heat evaporates it and takes part of it away. Ever flowing, ever changing, never passing the same way, twice, never regretting having been there.

The photo is a clip taken from a video that I took on a 1998 trip to Portland OR for a family reunion. We went sightseeing along the Columbia River and walked in to see several of the many falls. It's all very beautiful and well worth the visit if you ever get the chance.

Friday, October 26, 2007


Melting, dripping, running, hardening.
Forming running, escaping designs as it flows.
Remelting, dripping, running further, hardening.
Flame flickering chasing it farther,
no escape till the flame dies.
Turbulence makes the flame flicker harder and burn faster.
Calm creates a steady fire burning slower,
and shining brighter, less melting, dripping, running,

Candle drawn in Corel Essentials using my Wacom Intuos tablet.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Fluorescent flower painted of a shadow.
Flower dying slowly, uprooted from the ground,
Once living, growing, blooming, dropping seeds, and replanting. Uprooted it lives only to die without rebirth,
The flower dies and becomes only a shadow of the shadow on the wall.

This prose describes something that I actually experienced. As a teenager my mother allowed me to paint on the basement walls where my bedroom was located. Her reasoning was that my father would get tired of the things that I painted on the walls and then he'd be motivated to fix up the basement. That backfired when I painted a larger than life arm of Jesus nailed to the cross with the "Judge not..." verses calligraphied beneath. Anyway, I digress; one day I was given a carnation which I placed in a vase and set on the table by my bed. The flower cast a shadow on the wall and with fluorescent paints in hand and nothing else to do I painted the shadow of the carnation on the wall in bright vibrant colors. Days later I had forgotten all about the flower and the painting till I turned on my black light, turned off the overhead and there on the wall by my bed the shadow of the flower burst to life as the real flower drooped dark and dead, now nothing more than a shadow of the painting. It was quite amazing, really.

Monday, October 15, 2007


My name is Fate
I live on the wind,
No one's my enemy
Everyone's my friend.

No ties or bonds
To hold me fast,
I do not worry
About the future or past.

I walk in the forest
And dance in the springs,
I live in the flowers
And ride on butterfly wings.

No storm can stop me
No fence can keep me in,
For I am Fate
And I live on the wind.


Nude sketch, charcoal pencil


She was born in the heart of the forest,
Pure as the heavens was she,
Gentleness was her nature
She loved all that was free.

Her life was simple and happy,
It was all that life should be,
Joys she saw in little things
Most people will never see.

She was poor and never knew
For life held many joys,
She had love you can't replace
With a bedroom full of toys.

She gave to all that she met
This love she had to give,
To make this world a happy place
For everyone to live.

Monday, October 8, 2007


How can I live
In a world without love?
I give all I can,
With help from above.

With men overseas
Who are willing to die,
How can we sit around
And watch time fly by?

They know what it is
To love their land,
To show love
And give a helping hand.

We must live each day
One by one,
And show each father
How to love his son.

Put each family
Where they belong,
With alot of love
It can't go wrong.

But I guess for now,
I’ll live as I must
In a world of hate,
Killings, and distrust.

But maybe someday,
With help from above,
We'll live in a world
Filled with love.

Church in the Wildwood

Crayon on manila drawing paper.


Where in these stars did I come from
Where in this world do I go?
Everyone say they have answers
To questions they never did know.

They tell me the laws of the universe
They tell me the laws of the land,
They tell me the things that must be so
But it's their words I don't understand.

You must be shrewd, you must be cold
To live on honey and walk on gold,
Hold your own and give to none
Wallow in the greed and hate you've spun.

Once in my youth I remember hearing
A wonderful, beautiful, loving story,
About a babe sent down from heaven
To walk on earth, the son of Glory.

He taught the laws of the universe
He taught the laws of the land,
He spoke with love and compassion
That everyone might understand.

He will tell me where I came from,
He can tell me where I'll go,
He has all of the answers
To the questions they never did know.

His name is Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior
Come to earth to help us all,
He will help me along my way
And pick me up if I should fall.

Saturday, September 29, 2007


I listen, but do not hear.
I have sight, but cannot see.
I talk, but am unheard.
I touch, but cannot feel.
I am free, but am a prisoner of my mind.
There is light, but walls of darkness surround me.
I am alive, but do not live.
I am alone in a world full of people.
I walk, but only in circles.
I call, but no one answers.
I am human, but am treated like an animal.
I smile, but feel tears in my heart.
I seek love, but find only hate.
I write letters that no one ever receives;
I write poems that are never read;
I write songs which are never sung.
I reach out, but find no help.
I cry tears that are never felt.
I find happiness in dreams only.
I fight a lost battle that never was.
When I have the will I find not the way.
When I find the way all will has escaped.
I still write although it will remain unread.
I write in the hope that, someday, someway,
..........the blind, will see, the lame
..........will walk, the deaf will hear,
..........the dumb will speak, and the
..........innocent shall be set free.